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Friday, February 6, 2015

Outside the Box

While most folks are constructing chicken coops that are literally that--buildings that coop up the animals--I am repeatedly drawn to the open coop design--3 walls and a roof. That is one reason for this blog's name, "Open Coop".

The other reason is in both the kitchen and garden I tend to stray from the beaten path. Like an "Open Coop", when we break away from the norm, it's like tearing down a wall and letting loose.

Cooking projects include homemade kombucha (a fermented beverage), fermented veggies of all kinds (butternut squash was a huge success), and returning to the tradition of cooking with saturated fats such as bacon grease.

After a 15 year hiatus from gardening, I'm returning to the land with my lazy composting of just tossing scraps and leaves into a pile, then covering the food with dirt or sticks or paper to keep the bears at bay.

2015 is a year of adventure. My first year in North Carolina. My first year with chickens. My first garden here.

This blog is to share the wins and losses as this adventure plays out. So let's break down that 4th wall and see what happens!

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