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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fall Garden Preparation

I realize it's spring and a little late for touting the benefits of preparing the garden soil in the fall, but I'd never done it that way before. Research, however,  sold me on the idea.

The green garlic shoots above demonstrate the first benefit to the prepping in the fall. These puppies started popping up almost a month ago!

I was, also, able to start some seeds outside already, because the soil didn't need any work.

A another plus, for us, is now we have time to build a chicken shelter since the beds are all covered and ready to go.

This picture shows our newly laid black paths--more yet to be put down-- which are landscape fabric to prevent weeds. We tried cardboard first, but even with bricks and stones on it, the cardboard flew all over and tossed the bricks aside during a heavy winds.

Counting the days to harvest the garlic. In the meantime, I'll sit back and let the soil amendments of fall do their work.

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