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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Baby Chick Waterer

Saw this idea online for a waterer for chicks. I improvised with what was in the kitchen: matchsticks, plastic lid and glass jar (from olives).

Put some water in the jar and place the lid (or small plate) over the jar top. The key, if the photos don't make it obvious, is to have the lid or plate a bit larger than the jar. Too large and the adorable chicks could drown. Too small and they could not get to the water.

Carefully flip the jar and lid upside down. Yes, I did this over a sink as the first time water poured everywhere. Guess the lesson is hold on tight!

Then to get the water to sneak out of the jar, put some toothpicks between the jar and lid. I didn't have toothpicks, but wooden matches with the ends popped off worked great--I would say even better because they are a bit thicker.

Hoping to get chicks in the upcoming month and we'll see how they like it.

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